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How do I buy VCDs and Movies at ShweMyanmar?

Here are the steps that will help you to shop at ShweMyanmar online store.
1) click on any title that you wish to buy.
2) click on "Add to cart" that is at the bottom of the picture.
3) Do the step 1 and 2 again to add as many as you want.
4) Click on "My Cart" to see what you have selected.
5) Then click on "Checkout" to buy the titles in your shopping cart.
6) If you haven't registered with us, please click on "Continue" to register.
7) Double check the shipping address and click on "Continue"
8) Choose a payment option that you wish to pay and then click "Continue"
9) Click on "Confirm order". That's it.

What kind of VCDs I will receive?

You will receive only CDs with printed labels. We print ShweMyanmar's model number on all CDs so that you can always come and check the original covers. To see original covers, you just need to type ShweMyanmar's model numbers in the search box.
To print the covers from ShweMyanmar,
1) click on "Click to enlarge" in detail page.
2) Right click on the enlarged picture.
3) Then choose "Print Picture" option.
That's it.
**ShweMyanmar will not disable copying images (right click option). So you are free to copy all images from us anytime.

What is the review/comment section at ShweMyanmar?

This section is similar to "Forum" that you may have used to discuss. In ShweMyanmar, you can discuss on a specific movie or Karaoke VCD. The only difference in ShweMyanar is that you do not need to reply to someone's comment. You just need to say whatever you want to say. You can also write in Burglish (use english character to get Burmese sound). Your email address will not be displayed. Only your name will be displayed.
Remember any visitor can see your comments/reviews.

Why ShweMyanmar is selling Copies?

We have three reasons for this question.

•  Many VCDs (Karaoke and movies) are not available at one store at Myanmar. Especially, more than two years old VCDs.
•  Selling any Myanmar products in the US market is illegal because of the US President's Burmese Democracy Act 2004.
•  Myanmar never has signed for the international copyright law.
However, we will sell originals when the US lift the Burmese Democracy ACT law or Myanmar signs for the International copyright law in music and arts.

Is a credit card required to become a member?

NO. The membership application requests will not ask your credit card information to become a member.

What are the benefits of membership?

•  You will be notified when ShweMyanmar offers discounts and other promotions.
•  You don't need to type your personal information and shipping address every time you want to place an order.
•  You can write reviews for any movie or VCD, and News section.
•  You will be able to view the very recent titles in the catalog.

I live in outside of the United States. Can ShweMyanmar ship my order?

Yes. We now accept international orders. The flat rate shipping charge is only $3.99.

Does ShweMyanmar edit the Myanmar Movies and VCD?

No, ShweMyanmar does not edit the content of its films. We copy all movies and VCD in the exact condition we receive them from Myanmar.However, ShweMyanmar group has removed political Ads in the first track and health advisory track in the middle of the VCD in most of our Karaoke VCD copies

How does ShweMyanmar categorize Pop and Classical ?

ShweMyanmar doesn't literally say all albums in “Pop” category are “Pop music”. Those are we consider as “young people's favorites”. Also, albums in “Classical” category are considered as “Adult's favorites”

How can I find a specific title in ShweMyanmar?

ShweMyanmar Search box is the quickest way to find what you want. To search a specific title, you need to get the title's code from ShweMyanmar's catalog file, then type only the code in “Search” box and press enter. Alternative way is you can type a title (no need to be a full title) in Myanmar pronounciation in English such as, “A kaung Sone Let Saung”.

What is Return and Exchange policy at ShweMyanmar?

ShweMyanmar will refund your purchase of any movies and Karaoke VCD if you cancel your order before we dispatch your order. We will replace any VCDs/Movies that you can't open. You can't return after you receive the CDs in good condition and have no problem to play.

Is shopping on secure?

Yes. Shopping on is secure. Your credit card is safe on our site because your personal information (name, address, and credit card information) you entered will be stored in our third party secure site, This means ShweMyanmar does not handle your private information.

What are the payments methods?

We accept all credit cards via paypal, paypal transfer, money order and personal check

Why do you want my phone number to check out an order?

The phone number is just to aid in resolving delivery problems.

When will my order arrive?

Most orders arrive within 3-7 days. All orders are shipped by either United States Postal Service Priority Mail or First Class Mail.

Do I have to enter my credit card numbers every time I place an order?

Yes you have to enter your credit card number every time you place an order since paypal does not save your credit card number unless you have an account with paypal.

I can't view movie names or karaoke album names or the artists in Myanmar font correctly.

If it happens, open your Internet Explore and come back to again. You have to use Internet Explore (IE) version 4.0 or higher. Myanmar font need not be installed.

I forgot my username or password. How can I retrieve that information?

Your user name is the email address that you supplied upon log in.
Do the following steps if you forget the password
1) click on the “Forgot Password” link on the log in page
2) Click on "Continue"
3) Check your email (You will see a temporary password in your email box).
4) Log in again with your email address and the temporary password.
5) After you can log on with your temporary password, go to "My Account" and change the password to your own password.

What if I don't receive confirmation email after I have ordered?

You should receive an order confirmation email from ShweMyanmar once you place your order and successfully finish the check out process. If you do not receive the confirmation email from ShweMyanmar within 12 hours, please contact us at

Why do the items in my shopping cart disappear if I accidentally close my browser?

You will not have that problem if you added the items after login. If you do not login and added some items, our server stores your data temporarily.

Why does my confirmation email show a “shipping charge” although my order is more than $19.95?

We set up a free shipping promotion program with the total amount of each order. Currently, any order which has more than $19.95 in total amount is granted free shipping. If you think the shipping charge in your order is an error, don't hesitate to contact us Remember, all shipping policies are subject to change by ShweMyanmar without any notice.

Can I cancel the order I have made?

No you can't. To provide better service, we process your order as soon as we receive your payment. Currently, the VCDs we offer are copies. Therefore, to avoid any confusion between ShweMyanmar and our valued customers, we do not provide cancellation option for this product line. However, we can cancel your order if you email us before we ship your order. For example, you want to replace a movie with another different title.

Can I add or remove any items before I click on “confirm” in checkout process without going back to the main page?

Yes, you can. You can add/remove any items in your shopping cart before you click on “confirm order” You can also update quantity, shipping address, and address change.

What address should I enter if I choose credit card payment?

You can provide us any address you wish to ship but you have to provide your correct billing address in credit card number entry page. We do not store your credit information or billing address information. The entire credit payment is provided by a very secure and successful online payments company,

What if I type wrong address?

If you make a mistake in your address box, you have to notify us immediately (within 2 hours). However, ShweMyanmar will not refund for your fault if we have shipped out your order. You have full responsibility to provide your correct address.

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