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Taw A Htar


Average Customer Rating (3 Reviews)
This CD was added to our ShweMyanmar on Thursday 29 January, 2009.
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Myint MyatYee - 11/09/2009 5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent! Thanks. Happy Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas & The New Year 2010. [MMY: Myint Myat Yee]
Myint MyatYee - 02/09/2009 5 of 5 Stars!
Mingalaba ..... Happy Valentine! This movie is a Story about Htate Gyi (Myint Myat), Kway Oo (Moh Pyay Pyay Maung ), their Family and Friends. Kway Oo’s Mother is Korean. Her Aunt, Kyaung Kyeet, who is the Sister of her Mother, practises Martial Arts. Her Father is U Kwair Wa. Htate Gyi and his 2 male friends, enjoy Hip Hop MUSIC. Htate Gyi wants to MARRY Kway Oo. However, Htate Gyi has a RIVAL, Pa Yit. Therefore, Htate Gyi and Pa Yit compete with each other in the following skills, to MARRY Kway Oo: The use of a ‘Lay Qua’ weapon, Tree Climbing and Stealing Flowers from The Village Head’s garden. They are forgiven by The Village Head for stealing Flowers for the woman, Kway Oo. Htate Gyi and Friends have caught Pa Yit trying to SNEAK into Kway Oo’s home at night. Kway Oo’s girlfriend is used to give her a Love Letter from Htate Gyi. Htate Gyi tries to be alone with Kway Oo at The Pagoda. However, her Father, U Kwair Wa and Pa Yit INTERRUPTED them. Kway Oo’s Mother and Aunt are BEATEN by the ANGRY U Kwair Wa. Htate Gyi again tries to see Kway Oo alone at her home. However, he is caught by The Village Head. U Kwair Wa came home with a GUEST, Khin Maung Ring, who is the son of his Friend. Khin Maung Ring has been accepted for MARRIAGE to Kway Oo, by her parents. Htate Gyi watches Khin Maung Ring, Kway Oo, Kyaung Kyeet from a Tree. When they are standing under the Tree, Htate Gyi scatters some ITCHY POWDER on Khin Maung Ring. His body begins to itch so much that he has to leave Kway Oo and Kyaung Kyeet, at The Park. When Kway Oo is alone, itching in her Body, Htate Gyi jumps down from the Tree and helps her to SCRATCH her Body. Htate Gyi asks U Kwair Wa to give him Kway Oo for a bag of DIAMONDS. Htate Gyi lies about the DIAMONDS. At night, Pa Yit comes to EXCHANGE the Family Sword for Kway Oo. They are INTERRUPTED by Kyaung Kyeet, who announces that Htate Gyi and Kway Oo have ELOPED. Htate Gyi and Kway Oo came back to pay respects to their Family and Friends. U Kwair Wa ACCEPTS Htate Gyi, as his Son-In-Law. Therefore, Htate Gyi and Kway Oo plans an Asian Korean Wedding. Excellent! Thanks! Myint Myint Yee (MMY)
Myint MyatYee - 02/01/2009 5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent! Thanks!
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Taw A Htar
Excellent! Thanks! ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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